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May 20, 2021 · How the Just So Stories Were Made. By John Batchelor. Yale University Press; 240 pages; $25 and £18.99 ALREADY, IN HIS mid-30s, the Bombay-born writer Rudyard Kipling … more


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Kipling, Rudyard (1925) A choice of songs from the verse of Rudyard Kipling, London, Methuem. Kipling, Rudyard (1941) A Choice of Kipling's Verse made by T.S.Eliot, with an essay on RUDYARD KIPLING, London, Faber and Faber. Kipling, Rudyard (1986) Early verse by Rudyard Kipling, 1879-1889: unpublished, uncollected, and rarely collected poems more


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May 17, 2021 · Rudyard Kipling was born to Alice MacDonald and John Lockwood Kipling on December 30, 1865 in Bombay, India. Most of his education took place in England where his parents were from. Before getting into writing his own literature, Kipling was a sub-editor at the CMG, The Civl and Military Gazette. more


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Apr 16, 2018 · Rudyard Kipling is widely understood to be a strong defender of the British Empire. However, Kipling’s prose piece, ‘The Man Who Would Be King’, reveals a deeper ambiguity about the Empire, exposing many of the flaws that lay at the heart of the imperial expansion. more


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Good book. 68,000 words The chapters aren't numbered but here's its contents: 1 Editor’s Note (290 words) — good 2 Introduction (3000 words) — very good by Harold Bloom 3 On Preparing to Read Kipling (6900 words) — very good by Randall Jarrell 4 Kim and the Stories (5400 words) — good by Angus Wilson 5 The Pleasures of Kim (4700 words) — great essay by Irving Howe 6 A Puritan’s more


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Jul 23, 2016 · Essay on If by Rudyard Kipling - Analysis The poem ‘If’ is directed to Kipling’s son, and is a message to him on his route to manhood. This is seen in the very last line of the poem, when Kipling more In Time's Eye: Essays on Rudyard Kipling

Jan 11, 2014 · The Legendary Life of Rudyard Kipling Rudyard Kipling was one of the greatest writers of all time. He was a gifted writer and a huge celebrity, and has provided us with countless writings that will continue to be enjoyed by future generations. more


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Rudyard Kipling In contemporary times, much criticism has been placed upon Rudyard Kipling for his support of British Imperialism; George Orwell went so far as to call him the “prophet of British Imperialism during its expansionist phase. more


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France At War: On the Frontier o… more


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All the people like us are We, and everyone else is They. more


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Rudyard Kipling creates a solution to life’s problems in his clever piece ‘If’. He offers a variety of commonsensical advice that is practical which stands the test of time. “If by Rudyard Kipling is something that can be perceived as a set of virtues laid down by the poet which are necessary for the development of a good human being. more


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“The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling Essay (Critical Writing) Exclusively available on IvyPanda Available only on IvyPanda. Updated: Jul 5th, 2020. There is a great number of different masterpieces of literature in the world. Each of them describes some peculiar phenomenon or event. The majority of books are devoted to human beings and more


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Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If-” was written in 1895 and published in 1910. The poem, originally a tribute to Leander Starr Jameson, is a parental guide for Kipling’s son, John. Many argue that “If-” encourages Victorian ideals of masculinity and stoicism. more


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A Choice of Kipling's Verse, made by T. S. Eliot, with an essay on Rudyard Kipling is a book first published in December 1941 (by Faber and Faber in UK, and by Charles Scribner's Sons in U.S.A.). It is in two parts. The first part is an essay by American-born British poet T. S. Eliot (1888-1965), in which he discusses the nature and stature of British poet Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936). more


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Plain Tales from the Hills more


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